When Zelo asked Yongguk to help him took his fallen earset


B.A.P LOE in Chicago pt 15 140419

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B.A.P - 어디니? 뭐하니?


bap + one shotmusic bank in brazil  showing how to be badass and make the babies going crazies.


1. Insane fan in Brazil touched daehyun’s dick
2 Japanese fan pulled youngguk during concert
3 Other Japanese fan hugged zelo while zelo was walking infront of fans in concert so zelo was really surprised and other members didn’t come to fans after that
4 zelo tweeted “thank you for coming to concerts but it’s embarrassing on airplane and other private places”
And all the international fans just talk about their tight pants and how big bap’s dicks are.
Is this how they should get treated when they make tour to meet their fans?

Wattdafuck man xD


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------------------------------------------------------------------------- 나는 B.A.P 사랑 나는 ZELO 사랑 .최고.절대.완전한.